About Restoration Ranch

Restoration Ranch was created out of a passion for helping horses and humans, specifically youth affected by trauma and horses that had suffered at the unknowing hand of a human.  

With a professional financial career behind her, a teen in high school, and two younger children, she was ready for a change.  In college, Kellie's dream had been to work with the kids that were Learning Impaired, Disenfranchised or At Risk Youth, suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD-NOS) and other trauma related incidents; through her own experience with horses, she saw the benefits of a horse/human relationship and how it would help these trauma bound kids.   

As she furthered her studies of horses through Natural Horsemanship, people began to approach her about their own horses, horses they knew of that had suffered trauma or horses that needed sanctuary, the horses came.  They were the same as the kids, they had all suffered from some sort of trauma in their lives.   Word spread and teens started seeking time out at the ranch.  After seeing the positive effects being around horses had on the teens that had suffered, she was convicted to continue her work.  

With the support of her husband, the property they owned in Jericho and many friends, she pursued her dream and launched Restoration Ranch.