Current Projects

Our current project is to finish establishing the infrastructure, finish building the timber frame horse barn and preparing the grounds for the much needed Indoor Horse Arena, along with finishing the conversion of our electric fence system to a wooden fence system.  Our goal is to have our horse ranch have a very low carbon footprint so we offset our output by continuing our practice of organic ranching and composting, installing a solar system that can run our horse barn and indoor horse arena's electrical and hot water systems.

Currently we have a 12 x 24 section of a timber frame barn that serves as an indoor 
place for grooming, tacking and vetting a horse with an attached tack room that also holds the grain.  We have a separate barn that has a section which can be altered to be a two stall area  if need be - we try not to ever use this.

Our goal is to finish building the horse barn that will house 8 horse stalls, a vetting/wash area, a heated meeting area where we can study and observe horses and hang out, and a bathroom.  The loft area of the main part of the barn will hold all the hay for the year.  

With over half the lumber already purchased and on site, we need to raise the funds to purchase the remaining lumber, labor to cut and assemble the frame, crane to assist in standing the frame, purchase and install the solar heating system for both electricity and hot water, plumbing rough in and finish, electrical rough in and finish, all natural wood preservatives and stains, plumbing and electrical fixtures, all iron stall components.  

With the culmination of building the horse barn and indoor arena we will be able to serve this population of youth year round and expand to serve our incredible Wounded Warriors.  These are much needed services, we hope you will join us in making this a reality.

Whether you are only able to donate a few hours a weekend, a stack of lumber, painting/staining skills, a bucket of nails/screws, or an excavator for some time, we are appreciative of any and all you can give.  Please contact us with your talents and desire to help. 

Barn needs

$45,000 will buy the remaining lumber and hardware for the barn
$30,000 will buy the solar components 
$35,000 for labor
$8,000 for plumbing rough in and finish
$7,500 for electrical rough in
$5,000 for crane time
$1,500 for electrical fixtures
$1,000 all natural stains and wood preservatives

Fencing needs

$10,000 for remaining fencing components