Life on the Ranch 

Life on the Ranch consists of many things and always starts with a strong cup of coffee, if weather permits we enjoy a cup on the deck, otherwise it is in front of a crackling fire.  From morning chores feeding cattle, horses and Angora bunnies, afternoons playing tug of war with the Border Collies and fetch with the Lab, to sunset rides and being welcomed home by a bonfire lighting up the night sky.  The smell of steak on the grill as you are pulling that last wagon of hay in from the fields, the sound of laughter coming from the kids playing in the water and the dogs barking at them, horses cantering across the field kicking up their hooves, cattle mooing for their daily ration of minerals and salt, peepers in the night sky announcing the coming of summer.  And so many more wonderful sounds, smells and visible moments spent here on this beautiful property we have been blessed with.  Please, take a moment and enjoy what a look at our life offers you.

  "And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it and created the horse.”