Restoration Ranch has been an invaluable resource for our students and community. The ranch is an environment that individualizes programming to meet the educational and therapuetic needs of each student. The flexibility  and creativity afforded to each student is a gift. I think any student, regardless of ability, could benefit from the learning and healing opportunities provided in this meaningful natural environment. Many thanks to Kellie.

Jesse Bell
Director, bellcate School

Restoration Ranch has provided countless opportunities for growth and independence for both me and my client alike. Working with people struggling with behavioral challenges, I have an exceptional appreciation for the environment of the farm which provides a nurturing, safe space that is simultaneously calming and stimulating. Whether the day started with attitude and angst or laughter and love, a day at Restoration Ranch always ends with a smile and a sense of personal accomplishment. Kellie’s cool demeanor fosters motivation and passion for animals, while encouraging positive behavior, work ethic, and empowering students to reach their fullest potential.  The benefits of this program are immeasurable and I excitedly look forward to each new day I get to spend watching others proudly exceed all expectations they had of themselves.  

K. Krouse, SCSW

I am a teacher at a local alternative high school, and we have had the joy of experiencing Kellie Westover's ranch firsthand.  Finding this beautiful piece of heaven a few years ago, has truly changed my life and the lives of so many young people.  No matter where you are from and what you have experienced in your life, Restoration Ranch is a place that truly revitalizes the soul. I have been fortunate enough to spend every season at the Ranch and I have watched so many great moments, rain or shine. The property is surrounded by beautiful, lush Mountains and pastures where you will immediately be greeted by the pack of friendly herding dogs that serve as great tour guides and wonderful companions for the afternoon.  It is an energizing place where horses run free, cattle roam and there is always much work to be done. Restoration Ranch is full of opportunities for each individual to discover their appreciation for life and overcome a lifetime of fears and challenges. This is accomplished through hard work, patience, respect and understanding.   Kellie has given students the opportunity to embrace their flaws and take pride in their strengths. The work and dedication Kellie has exhibited over the years has truly made this ranch a special place.  To watch a student get to know their horse and learn about themselves in the process is truly inspiring.   When you experience this kind of therapeutic approach it is impossible to take such beauty for granted. 

A. Sanchez, Teacher