Our Horses

Currently, the ranch supports between 8 to 12 horses. Some of our horses came from wonderful homes, and others were rescued from severe neglect, starvation and/or abuse. Because the ranch was founded, in part, as an equine rescue and rehabilitation facility, we acquire our horses in nearly every way imaginable. Since RR has no law enforcement abilities, we cannot confiscate horses in need, we can only offer up hope and prayer that when the time comes we have the resources available to take them. Consequently, the ranch horses have all been donated in one way or another. 


Apache came to the ranch several years ago as a 6 year old.  He is a black and white Splashy Overo Paint, he came to us looking for a leader, someone to understand and love him, to use soft hands, be fair in their expectations and give him another chance to try again.  He was overtrained by a hard hand and under rewarded, he was scared of his own shadow and scared to make a mistake when trying.  There was no trust in him, only a fight to eat and to freeze and run when scared.  Since he has been with us he has reached a new level of human trust, he is consistently the chosen one by all of our students as their favorite horse.  Apache has developed into the quintessential therapy horse, he is what ever needs to be for which ever student he has that day.  Check out more pictures of Apache on our picture page.    

Shhhhhh....It's a Secret
Secret, as he is known around here, is an 8 year old Thoroughbred.  Secret is an ex-racehorse, a common thing in these parts of the country.  At 2 year's old he was set to be euthanized because he just wouldn't run!  A common thing for OTTB (off the track Thoroughbreds), once they are found to not perform, you can go to the track and pick them up for pennies as the owners no longer want them.  Secret came to us as a skinny two year old, his body was still growing and he needed maximum nutrition to continue that growth. As a result, we would separate him from the herd to have additional grain with minerals.  Their was a metal round pen inside of his pasture area so he was not "taken away" from his buddies.  The first time he was to enter the round pen gate which had an overhead piece to it he refused to go in, even with a bucket full of grain waiting for him on the other side.  The sound of the gates and the trauma he had suffered at the tracks was indelibly etched in his memory.  After about an 1 hour of the approach and retreat game, Secret went confidently into the pen and ate.  Secret has a wonderful personality and a very great play drive, he will often hand you the brush you are looking for or his bucket when he would like more grain.  He loves to run through the snow, play in the water and to jump rock walls.  He is a fantastic addition to our herd of horses and is another favorite of our students.  

  JJK Miss Pepper

"Pepper" as she is called is a 5 year old Foundation Quarter Horse. She would like to be in your pocket or licking your hand at all times.  The kids that visit get a kick out of her always licking their hands as a way of saying hello.  Pepper arrived here several years ago as a yearling, a family had "won" her at a raffle, fortunately for Pepper she ended up here.  She is a solid horse and has been a lot of fun to develop, she will test your patience at every turn, you say please and she responds "make me"; well how do you make a 1200 lb animal do anything they don't want to?  Simple....you don't, instead you find a way to present it to her that she thinks "yeah, I will try that."  Know any kids like that?


Cheyenne is a 7 year old Mustang mare.  She came to us from the Bureau of Land Management as a rescue that need to be re- homed, we ended up falling in love with her.  Cheyenne was "caught"  in one of the controversial helicopter roundups, this is when the Bureau of Land Management uses a helicopter instead of cowboys/girls, to "push" or "pressure the herd into running a certain direction, usually straight into pens to then be sorted and moved onto tractor trailers which take them to holding pens until auction time.  Cheyenne was a 5 year old when she was brought to Rutland, Vermont and auctioned off for $125.  Unfortunately what often happens is people have dreams of developing this incredible bond with the horse and riding off into the sunset, what ends up happening is the horse is discarded, given away, abandoned, sold at auction or turned loose.  Cheyenne is a lucky one that ended up here.  See the picture page to follow her progress.

  Threats Voodoo Queen

"Voodoo Doll or Doll" is an 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse that was donated to the Ranch.  After two full years of being without any other horses, she spend two full weeks in the far end of the 7 acre pasture.  The horses didn't have to play their herd games, she did it all by herself, staying as far away from them as possible.  After the two weeks, she gradually began her journey into the herd, allowing us to be in the same general area she was in without bolting.  Her tail had stopped growing and she was thin.  Today she will allow you to be with her, many times she will come up to you.  She has a fondness for the most traumatic of cases, those she can best identify with.  

  Spirit Dancer

Spirit is a coming 4 year old Kiger Mustang, she was born in captivity in the holding facility located in the Burns/Hines Mustang facility in Oregon.  She came to us as a skinny, wart faced yearling, currently she is at the awkward gangly teenage stage getting ready to blossom into a beautiful animal.  She is on the tall side for a mustang and stands hand in hand with Secret our Thoroughbred.  She is a very laid back horse, with a relaxed nature, she is not motivated by much of anything.  Kids get a huge sense of accomplishment when she decides to come along.  Due to her malnutrition as a youngster, her body has taken longer to develop so we have taken this extra time to build a great foundation with her.  This summer will be her time to learn about carrying a rider.  She is in the program to build relational and communication skills in our youth as they establish a trusting relationship with her and learn what it takes to communicate in a fair and just way to get their needs met.