Volunteering at the Ranch

In our humble beginning stages, hands that freely give, are the lifeblood of this ranch.

The following is a list of some common opportunities for our Part Time Volunteers at RR. If you feel drawn to any of these specific positions, please let us know in your email. Although there are many chores that need to be accomplished each day, whenever possible we try to place individuals in areas where they are best suited.

Power House

For those who like to get out and get moving, the ranch is always full of physically demanding jobs. Work may include bucking hay, building/fixing fences, repairing buildings, moving rocks, spreading wood shavings, cleaning paddocks, etc.

Play Pal

Most kids love to play, and NEED to play. The ranch staff has seen great value in simply taking time to engage children in play. A Play Pal volunteer is a catalyst to encourage kids to be kids, get dirty, roll in the grass, catch lizards or swing until you’re dizzy. Creativity is encouraged and Play Pals are highly challenged to come up with their own arsenal of fun-making activities.


Listening volunteer is open and sensitive to intentionally seek out those who really need to talk. By focused listening, the volunteer can then offer gentle direction and prayer. Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference in the life of another.

Green Thumb

The Green Thumb volunteer will use his or her skills to help maintain ranch plants by keeping them trimmed, watered and weeded. This job could include weed-whacking, mowing lawns, planting flowers, watering designated areas, deadheading, bug control and vegetable harvesting.

Memory Maker

Memories are made on the ranch every day. For those who have an eye for photography, we encourage you to help us capture still pictures for potential use in ranch publications or to simply give to a child as a gift. If you enjoy photography and/or scrapbooking, but have run out of subjects, the ranch may be a good place for some fresh inspiration.

Hay Team

Hay team volunteers help us move hay out of the fields and into our barns. Often the calls to move hay come on short notice. Many local farmers generously donate their hay on the condition that we will pick it up that day. Our hay team is a vital link in the chain that supplies our barns and horses with food for the season.

Office Assistant

On a daily basis, the ranch main office handles a tremendous amount of work. Part of that load comes in the form of gently counseling those who are seeking help. Although we are honored to partner with those who call, it can consume significant amounts of time. Because of this aspect, we are always in need of administrative help. Dependent upon skill and maturity, volunteer office assistants may help with e-mail and phone ministry and/or assist with other clerical duties.


Internship-type experiences may be available through Restoration Ranch. Contact your junior college, university or high school guidance counselor for further information.

Professional Assistance

Gifts come in a variety of different forms.  At times the valued skills of an electrician, carpenter, caterer, painter or plumber have greatly benefited all at the ranch. If you desire to offer your skills, we will keep your information on file and call you when the needs coincide with your special talents. Thank you.

Your ideas

If you are blessed with unique ideas, we would be interested in hearing from you. It’s possible that a new avenue of service could be fostered by combining fresh ideas and current ranch programming.