What makes up a session?

As each child and situation is unique, the aim for each session will differ and coincide with the desired outcome that has been predetermined by Kellie and the team.  Within each comes an abundance of patience, love, hope and kindness. However, there are some choice components that are generally included in each session.

Chores: Almost every child will complete a chore at some point in the session. This time is designed to teach the importance of serving others by giving through the work of your own hands and encourages responsibility in taking care of what you have used in your session.  Often this opportunity empowers children in knowing that their efforts can make difference to those around them. It also enables leaders to better understand each child each day, and gain perspective for the best use of time to follow.

Playing with horses: The majority of children who come to Restoration Ranch come because of the horses. These kids will learn to correctly handle, groom, ride, round pen and even vet horses during their sessions. As always, each session depends on the needs of the child and of the horse on any given day.  If the child is in a behavioral program these activities will be explored in depth over the weeks their program covers developing a stronger bond and trust with the horse.

Crafts: One of the ways we recycle and reuse our resources is to create Native American Baskets woven out of the baling twine taken off the hay bails at feeding time each day.  They are then cross woven with yarn.  A great break from the horses for the child who is not quite ready to join the horses yet.


Angora Bunnies: Sergio and Angel, our wonderful Angora Bunnies, love to be fed broccoli, play on the grass and being brushed.  As angoras need to shed out their coats often, much attention is needed for the bunnies.  Having a small ball of fur curl up in the lap of a hurting child is an often blissful experience.

Agility Play with the Border Collies: Often, the most valuable time in a child’s life is to allow and encourage kids to be kids by playing. Many children choose to spend their entire session wholly engaged in playing games with the Border Collies, whether tossing a ball for Dallas, asking Scout to jump through hoops or sending Wrangler to check on an animal, often the unabashed love the dogs show is all the child needs.