Who We Are

Collaboratively we are a group of people from different walks of life that care about making a difference in the lives of displaced horses and humans.  There are numerous volunteers that work with us also, if you are interested in becoming one, please see our volunteer page under "Be Our Partner".

Founder and Behavior Specialist Kellie Westover pictured here with her husband Dan. 

 Jennifer Vincent, PhD

Jen graduated with a BS from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, she went on to earn both a Master's degree and PhD in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with concentrations in labor economics and economic history. She has enjoyed working in a variety of settings, including The Economics Institute of Boulder, CO and MGMA, a medical group data management organization. While she enjoys "getting down and dirty" with data and research, she's found her true passion lies with teaching.

Jen moved to Burlington in 1998, and says she'll never move again because Vermont is the best place on earth to live and raise a family. When not on campus, Jen spends most of her time chasing around her four children, playing and coaching soccer, reading, dancing, making pottery, baking, exploring Vermont and playing just about anything with her kids. As Jen and her children have been able to come as friends and experience all that the ranch has to offer, she felt compelled to help further the mission of the ranch and has joined the board.

 Ms. Robin Cavagnolo 

We are fortunate to have Ms. Robin Cavagnolo as an advisor to our board.  Ms. Cavagnolo holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and a masters in Industrial Psychology from San Jose State University.   Her long professional career began with 15 years of county government service in probation, judiciary and administration.   In the private sector, she has been a lobbyist in Washington D.C., the Director of Human Resources for the start-up company TCI, Inc, which was subsequently bought by Oracle Corporation and a Development Director for CommuniCare Health Centers, a consortium of community clinics in California.  She was also a founding partner of BirgeWilson Advanced Training Technologies based in Silicon Valley.  Over the years Ms. Cavagnolo has served on numerous Board of Directors for non-profit organizations providing services in the areas of foster care, education, medical, dental and mental health care.  She now resides in San Francisco, California where she continues to be active in community services.